About Sentinel Landscapes

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense and the Interior announced an initiative in 2013 - the Sentinel Landscapes Partnership. Sentinel Landscapes are working or natural lands important to the Nation’s defense mission  – places where preserving the working and rural character of key landscapes strengthens the economies of farms, ranches, and forests; conserves habitat and natural resources; and protects vital test and training missions conducted on those military installations that anchor such landscapes.

Did You Know?

Approximate number of acres of military land, air, and water resources owned, operated, or managed by DoD.
Funding committed to Sentinel Landscapes designations by the federal partner agencies along with state, private, and non-profit partners through 2015.
Number of U.S. farmland acres developed each year.
more than
Number of federally protected plants and animals that live on DoD managed lands
Percentage of all endangered and threatened species in the U.S. that are found on private land.