Funding Partnerships for Action

From fiscal year (FY) 2012 through FY 2019, over $141 in Department of Defense (DoD) funds, $223 million in Department of Agriculture (USDA) funds, $41 million in Department of the Interior (DOI) funds, $169 million in state funds, $15 million in local funds, and $80 million in private funds have supported projects across seven sentinel landscapes.

These investments have permanently protected over 467,000 acres of land and implemented sustainable management practices on an additional 2.3 million acres.  Furthermore, farmers, ranchers, and other private landowners across the seven sentinel landscapes have independently executed 27,000 conservation practices using USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service's technical assistance.

The tables and figures below summarize our funding since the beginning of the partnership, as well as the total number of acres protected and enrolled at each sentinel landscape. 

Total Funding by Partner

Total Funding by Partner
USDA $0.60M $0.50M $4.90M $19.10M $16.50M $34.70M $34.70M $46.40M
DoD $1.50M $6.50M $9.60M $14.90M $21.80M $35.10M $25.10M $26.70M
State $0.80M $0.60M $2.40M $17.10M $28.70M $36.40M $23.60M $56.10M
Private $1.20M $2.00M $2.30M $5.10M $3.30M $13.10M $31.60M $19.00M
DOI $1.20M $1.00M $1.60M $8.20M $14.30M $6.70M $4.10M $5.90M
Local $0.10M $1.00M $4.20M $2.80M $0.70M $2.90M $1.00M $4.80M

Acres Protected and Enrolled by Sentinel Landscape

Acres Protected and Enrolled by Sentinel Landscape
PartnerAcres Protected
Eastern North Carolina138633.13
Fort Huachuca62633.43
Avon Park Air Force Range61781.49
Middle Chesapeake43569.20
Joint Base Lewis McChord19758.00
Camp Ripley15766.00
Acres Enrolled
PartnerAcres Enrolled
Eastern North Carolina770137.48
Avon Park Air Force Range744112.20
Fort Huachuca271016.60
Middle Chesapeake130845.00
Joint Base Lewis McChord78949.04
Camp Ripley57972.87