Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape

  • Pennsylvania

  • Established 2024


In the Lenape language, Kittatinny means “Big Mountain.” This describes well the geography of Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape. Located in eastern Pennsylvanian’s Appalachian Mountains, the Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape encompasses forested ridges and fertile valleys provide clean water, sequester vast amounts of carbon, and serve as a crucial corridor for rare wildlife and songbird migration. It also plays a leading role in Pennsylvania’s working lands and outdoor recreational economies. The Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape supports military readiness as the home of the Pennsylvania National Guard’s Fort Indiantown Gap (FTIG): the busiest National Guard training center, the Army’s second busiest heliport, and one of only three specialized Army NG aviation facilities.

Rapid population growth and development around the Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape’s main highways have decreased open space and increased light pollution, threatening FTIG’s nighttime training capabilities. These pressures impact military installations specializing in Air and Missile Defense; sensitive species, like the eastern regal fritillary butterfly and cerulean warbler; ecosystem services, including drinking water, farm products, and timber; recreational resources; and climate change resilience. Currently, only 20 percent of the Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape is protected, which has attracted a myriad of partners to collaborate on strategic actions aimed at protecting the natural resources of this landscape.


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Meet the Coordinator

Rose McCarthy

Rose McCarthy is the Special Projects Liaison for the Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Office of Policy and Planning and point of contact for the Kittatinny Ridge Sentinel Landscape. She is a native Pennsylvanian and is grateful to work with a dedicated team of partners on protecting such a landmark landscape in her home state.